Brrrr, Baby It's Cold Outside: 5 Ways To Winterize Your Life


Welcome. To. Winter.

At Bixby, we LOVE winter. The lights, the trees, the smell of burning wood from a cold nights' fireplace. Some things we don't love: shoveling, broken heaters, and sometimes, walking our dogs on a freezing cold day.

This month is all about getting cozy and escaping the cold. Here are 5 things we love and think that you will too.

1. Your Winter Wine Cellar Provided By WineAwesomeness

We all love the friend who brings over wine when they visit. Our friends over at WineAwesomeness are bringing you a curated journey through wine every month delivered to your door. What's better than wine? Getting $110 worth of it for just $37.50. Now that's a party worth going to (if you're 21 or older).

2. Your Winter Bedding Provided By Brooklinen

A third of your life is spent in the sheets and that tends to be truer in the winter. That's why we teamed up with Brooklinen to bring you that quick upgrade to your bedding that you know you deserve. Brooklinen cuts out the middle man to bring you high quality and super comfy bedding without the markup. They're offering free shipping right now, so act fast.

3. The Doctor That Comes to You Provided By SickDay


Feeling sick is bad enough, but feeling sick and having to sit in the doctor's office is worse. Cut out the office visit with SickDay Medical Housecalls. Their $275 flat fee is reimbursed by most insurance companies and includes discussing, diagnosing, and treating acute, urgent medical conditions. Get a doctor on-demand using your Bixby mobile app (iOS or Android) under the Amenities Feature.

4. Dog Walker For Those Extra Cold days Provided By Barkly Pets

Our pets bring us so much joy, but its hard to always be there to take them out on walks, especially during the winter with extra long days at the office, vacations to Florida and Colorado, and days where you're getting a visit from a SickDay doctor. Use Barkly to schedule a walker and follow along as they go.

5. Keep Your Air Fresh With Windows Closed Provided by The Sill

Did you know that NASA recommends certain plants to keep your indoor air quality high? Our friends at the The Sill are the best when it comes to high quality plants and they'll deliver them right to your door. Use promo code Bixby17 for 10% off.

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