Top 5 Ways Real Estate Owners & Managers Can Use the Instagram Story Feature

Instagram's Story feature isn't really new anymore, but we're all still figuring out the best ways to use it to engage with our audience. For property owners and managers, it can be a really powerful tool to grow your following, so we rounded up 5 key ways to show the world who you are...every 24 hours.

1. Showcasing Listings

Filling vacant units is one of your largest concerns so showing it off to the world is a must. Take a quick video when it's ready to market and another one when it's off-market. It's the best way to keep your clients informed on what's available and what's not.

2. Highlighting Client Testimonials

If your tenants/residents think you're awesome, the world needs to know. Show the Instagram community that you're trustworthy & reliable by asking to take a quick video of them singing your praises. It's raw; it's real; it's creative; and it's effective.


3. Introducing Your Team

It takes a village and prospective tenants/residents want to know that an organization stands behind their decision. Introducing your team helps create a person-to-person relationship with the virtual community that is your social media followers and creates an emotional connection by putting a face to your company. The more people relate to you, the more people you will attract.


4. Marketing Yourself

Marketing yourself and getting yourself out there in business can be very difficult. Most of the time the question everyone asks is how can I stand out from the crowd? The Instagram story feature can help you with that. Be yourself and show people who you really are. Self-promotion can go a long way in the social media game, just don't go overboard or followers may rebel.

5. Sharing the Extras

You know all the detail about your property, but it's hard to convey that in a single listing on a website. Show followers the neighborhood, the building, the local shops, and anything else that might get them interested in moving in. The businesses around a home can make or break a location so show your clients the best spots in the area. Don’t forget that everyone has different priorities so mix it up as much as you can.