How to Find Good Short-Term Apartment Rentals in New York City

With Airbnb under fire, it's not as easy as it once was to find a short-term stay in NYC. If you're planning on coming to the Big Apple for a month or two, short-term sublets are what you need. Here's how to find them.


This is where to get the best deals


1. Crashdwell  

Crashdwell vets all their temporary housing listings and most come furnished. All apartments are posted by students, so they’re on the cheaper side and generally located in safe neighborhoods. The company reviews the listings and monitors transactions, decreasing the risk of scams that come with sites like Craigslist.

2. Craigslist

See “All Apartments”, “sublets temporary”, as well as “vacation rentals” and “rooms wanted.” Craigslist is the industry veteran, but watch out for scams. Never wire money to anyone or deal with a landlord who won't meet you in person. Google your landlord to make sure they're legit and do as much background research on the place as you can.

3. Airbnb

Good ol' Airbnb allows you to lease or rent short-term lodging almost anywhere. To weed out bad listings, keep an eye on the following indicators:

  • Is the host’s calendar updated?
  • Do they have a good reply rate / are they active users?
  • Are they verified?
  • Are there photographs?
  • Reviews?
  • Do they have multiple listings?

**Note that NYC technically restricts Airbnb hosts to 30+ day listings...just a heads up.


For other sites on the cheaper end, check out: House Trip, Roomorama, Homeaway and Wimdu.

Slightly More Expensive



1. Roomiapp

Roomiapp is a user-friendly website that helps you search rooms and roommates in NY, Boston, Chicago, SF, and LA. Other cities are still in the pipeline. The website helps you see the area, apartment (or house) rules, and rental amenities before you visit, and lets you communicate with your future lodgers through the site’s secure in-app chat. More importantly, Roomiapp thoroughly vets all listings.

2. Meshtrip

Meshtrip differentiates itself by offering “instantly bookable rentals.” You may be able to find a room that same day, while the site offers deals that could hack you a 40% reduction of the rent. On the flip side, MeshTrip's listings tend to be "fluffier", and consequently more expensive, than those on Crashdwell and maybe Craigslist and Airbnb, too.

3. KG Furnished

This company specializes in short-term rentals. You pay them to help you find an apartment that meets your comfort-level and needs. Simple.

4. FurnishedQuarters

FurnishedQuarters delivers the package deal. Customized for doctorate students, traveling executives, tourists or people looking for short-term lodging for whatever reason, the company tailors rooms to your needs, making sure you get wi-fi, cable television on large HD TVs, and unlimited local telephone service. Rooms come fully furnished to suit your taste. Unlike the other options, you can also extend your stay if needed.




1. AllTheRooms

Want a one-stop collection of short-term listings? Consider AllTheRooms - "every room everywhere”. The site vouches that “Couch to castle, we’ve got your spot!”

I doubt you’ll find a castle in New York, but you will find a couch - and this site’s got it. AllTheRooms collects listings from Airbnb, Trivago, VRBO, and TripAdvisor plus thousands more. Listings tend to be more expensive than Crashdwell, but more reliable than Craigslist. The site saves you hours of research and sometimes forks you deals.

Our favorite



1. nooklyn

Nooklyn is an incredible resource for finding an apartment in New York (especially Brooklyn). Most of their listings are geared towards people who are in their 20's-30's and are interested in living in Brooklyn.

Part brokerage, part roommate-finding app, Nooklyn is committed to making the process of renting an apartment easy and enjoyable. They work with your schedule to get you into your new home and educate you through the entire process. Don't want a hands on experience? No problem, use their awesome web or mobile app at your leisure. It's really really good. They even won a Webby for it.

There you have it! We hope these sites help you find the perfect short-term apartment rental in NYC. And once you get that perfect spot, don't forget that you can use Bixby to pay rent, send maintenance requests, find a handyman or housekeeper, and much more.