The Bixby App VS Other Property Management Software Solutions

When we introduce Bixby to prospective property owners & managers, a common question we get is, “we already use X software or Y platform for our lease management & book-keeping. How will your platform complement or integrate with my current software suite?”

What they often don’t know is that the functionality Bixby provides differs pretty significantly from traditional property management software products.

While companies like Appfolio, BuildingLink, Buildium, Yardi, and MRI tend to focus more on mid- and back-office processes like accounting, bookkeeping, and organizing tenant records, Bixby prioritizes tenant-facing activities like:

  • Communication and broadcasting important building-related announcements
  • Collecting, organizing, and scheduling maintenance repairs
  • Sending payments like rent & common charge
  • Connecting tenants with trustworthy home-related service providers

We often tell managers to think of us as the tenant-facing interface to their back-office administrative platform.

Here are three reasons why owners and managers should consider offering tenants & residents the Bixby app even if already using a more traditional property management software. 


Bixby can work side-by-side with any lease management or accounting solution to enhance an organization’s tenant & resident relations activities.

Getting to know a new software can take time and be expensive, but Bixby's tiered pricing means that anyone can afford Bixby, at under $1 per unit per month, no matter the portfolio size or rent roll.

In addition, Bixby is modular and fully-customizable, meaning that any feature can be turned on or off and any other software can be integrated into it. 

Let’s say you’re already using Clickpay to collect rent or common charge payments though a link on your website. In order to avoid managing two separate payment portals, you can embed your Clickpay page into the Bixby app so that tenants are directed there when accessing Bixby's payment feature. Don't need a package notification feature for your property? No problem, simply turn off Bixby’s Package feature and your tenants or residents won't even see it.

2. It Has Higher Engagement Rates

Because our app was designed with both property managers and tenants in mind, the features we share with other SaaS property management products—like our maintenance request and payment portals—have much higher engagement rates. This means that tenants actually pay rent via our easy-to-use, one click process rather than opting to send a physical check.

Additionally, given our superior, mobile-first user experience, a higher percentage of total monthly maintenance requests come through Bixby than when tenants are asked to use other work-order portals.

All this means is that Bixby actually delivers the value it promises - less phone calls, emails, & headaches.

3. It Makes Your Tenants & Residents Happier

The truth is, the majority of Bixby’s features simply aren’t offered by more traditional solutions that focus on activities like book-keeping and document storage.

For example, when it comes to new tenants, whereas more traditional property-related software products focus predominantly on prospect screening and lease signing, Bixby targets the tenant's convenience, making moving into a property simpler by identifying local moving companies, updating tenants' mailing address, offering rent insurance, and more.

Additionally, tenants living in buildings with Bixby claim to have better relationships with their management companies thanks to:

  • More transparent communication through the message board
  • Higher response rates to messages and complaints
  • Faster repair times for maintenance requests
  • A more convenient way to make payments such as rent and common charge

Ultimately, a better relationship with tenants and residents increases the likelihood of them re-signing or extending a lease, accepting a rent increase, or recommending your company to other property owners, condo boards, & HOAs.

Interested in learning more about how Bixby differentiates from these more traditional solutions? Check out our handy comparison here.


The Bixby App is not only affordable and customizable, but also boasts higher engagement rates and tenant-friendly features that other solutions simply don’t offer.

Our opinion is that there may be a need for both tenant-facing apps like Bixby and more traditional, back-end property management software like Appfolio and Buildium. When the two work together seamlessly, owners & managers get the best of both worlds.