A New Home for Bixby

Continuing our mission to change how people live, work, and play through our acquisition by Hello Alfred.

It is with great pleasure that I announce an exciting milestone in Bixby’s journey — the sale of our Company. As of today, we have officially closed the acquisition of Bixby by our friends at Hello Alfred.

Over the last three and a half years, Alex and I, along with our remarkable team of employees, investors, partners, and most importantly, clients, have worked tirelessly to change the way we live, work, and play in our homes, offices, neighborhoods, and cities. During that time, we experienced many successes and failures; we laughed, we cried, we screamed, we sang. Through it all, we never lost hope or sight of our mission — to help residents live better in this crazy, strange, chaotic, modern world.

During this time, another company down the road from us in New York City was hard at work striving towards the same mission. While we focused on technology for real estate owners and operators, they facilitated comfort and convenience for residents by creating a human-powered network of service partners and building products with empathy and care at their core. Today, our businesses have come to a head as we join forces to build a company whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Over the next several weeks, I, along with Bixby’s Head of Engineering Eric Kwong and Head of Business Development Derek Phillips, will join the Alfred team and begin the transition to our new home. I’m confident that this move will have only positive implications for all Bixby and Alfred stakeholders and I couldn’t be more excited for the road ahead.

On a personal note, this sale represents more than “my first exit.” Alex and I created Bixby in April 2016 out of a deep concern for the strained relationship between the people who reside in buildings and those who own and/or manage them. Even our name, Bixby, was chosen to reflect the qualities of the Bixby bridge in Big Sur, California to represent “building a bridge between tenants and managers” so that both may live better. We’re excited to continue working towards that mission with our new family at Alfred.


Mark Smukler, Co-Founder & CEO @ Bixby

PS. A rather long, but not all encompassing list of individuals to thank:

· Alex Ohebshalom — my brother — I could never have done it without you.

· Eric Kwong — you’re a legend.

· Derek Phillips, Salina Mack, Eric Kramer (and all former employees, contractors, interns, and partners) — we did it!

· Adam Price — the #1 attorney in the game.

· Brandon Caroprese — the #1 accountant in the game.

· Brian Stolar — a trusted board member and our white knight.

· Jarrod Pines, Alex Ferber, and Scott Baldasare — the most empathetic board members one could ask for.

· Stephen Kong, Evan Minskoff, and Laura Castaing — my trusted advisors.

· Eyal Shuster and the team at Shuster Management — for everything you taught me.

· Tom, Dan, Joanne and the NVP Team — you never let us down and always had our back.

· Jonathan Hakakian and the Soundboard Angels — thanks for keeping us in line!

· To every single investor in Bixby, from the first check to the last.

· Michael Beckerman, Jeremy Neuer, and Jon Schultz — my fellow jersey boys!

· Kelly O’Halloran, David Choukroun, Franco Faraudo, Travis Barrington, and the entire family at The Real Deal, Propmodo, CRETech, and Bisnow.

· The Vascar Team — the most patient and hard-working development agency there is.

· Jack Richer, Iain Miln, Zak Levy, and Rob Hayden — those beers saved my life.

· My Startup Leadership Program family!

· Everyone at Empire Management and MD Squared Property Group, our first clients who took a chance when no one else would, as well as each and every property owner and manager we’ve have the privilege of working.

· Adam, Tyler, Guy, Ally, Carly, and Maxie — 1C for life.

· Andy Nestor — thank you for the therapy sessions.

· Sam Sisca — you make the best sweaters on the planet.

· My NYU fam around the world from LA to NYC to London and back.

· My MKA fam for sticking with me through thick and thin.

· Vikas Desai and Mike Nardella — to big(ger) things!

· To my entire family — my parents, brothers, cousins and all the Smuklers — I love you.

· The Ohebshalom family for everything they did for us.

· Every single VC who took time to meet with me, even if you turned me down.

· Duke, Antony, Elie, Adam, Dror and all the proptech social media gurus for making us earn it.

· Angus and Penny Reed — can’t wait see your business grow.

· Keren Vered — Thank you for making me feel “Finally Home” in JC:)

· The NYC and NJ tech communities for helping us flourish.

To everyone I missed, THANK YOU!