How to Foster Better Communication With Tenants & Residents

When it comes to attracting and retaining tenants, communication is key. Bixby is one tool property managers can use to communicate better, but we’ve outlined a few different tried and true tips for keeping tenants up-to-date on building announcements and staying on the same page.

Start Building a Relationship at First Contact

Property managers often begin building relationships with tenants only after the lease is signed and a move-in date is scheduled, or worse, only when there is a problem. One of the best ways to create a healthy dialogue between tenants and property managers is to start building the relationship from the beginning.

That includes using online tools to know when a prospective tenant is looking at your property and offering to help. That can be done with chatbots or a well-designed website that leads tenants through the process. Relationship building starts at first contact, where you can establish a cordial flow of communication.

Go a Step Further and Build a Community

The point of better communication is to retain good tenants for the long term. One of the best ways to do that in this day and age is to nurture a “sense of community.” Some of the newest and most desired amenities today are community amenities like on-site theaters, business centers, clubhouses, and party spaces.

Property managers who offer relationship building events like concerts, happy hours, or viewing parties can create an apartment community that stays for years and years because they’ve established great friendships among their fellow tenants. Anything that helps foster that sense of community will pay dividends in retention rates.

Make Communicating as Easy as Possible

In order to improve communication, it should be as easy as possible to create a service ticket or contact the management team, even in off-hours. With technology that allows property managers to streamline communication, especially on-the-go, it’s easier than ever to make communicating more responsive and more frequent.

Using mobile apps and hosting your website on a platform that can process tenant requests and communiqués makes it easy to adopt new communication techniques. Bixby is just one solution for property managers that makes communication effortless.

Make Response Time a Priority

Equally important to being able to submit a ticket is response time. Implementing communication tools without proper or speedy follow-up defeats the purpose. More important than letting tenants know that their request has been received, your property manager should be able to give a personalized response as well as updates throughout the process. Everyone likes to be kept in the know.