Hello, World!

Hello, World!

This is our first blog post, live from Bixby HQ in New York City, the (self-proclaimed) greatest city in the world.

For those of you who haven't yet interacted with us either through our product or otherwise, our company was built to improve quality of life for residents in apartment buildings. Our app helps alleviate pain-points around intra-building communication & payments, as well as getting the help, support, & advice you may need as a resident that property managers & owners don't provide.

Through our blog, we really hope to bring you some exceptional content focused on the small things you can do to not only make your life better and easier, but also improve the world around you. We'll talk about things like: 1) how to make the moving process easier; 2) how to get involved with the local neighborhood; 3) how to deal with difficult situations involving a lease or property; and 4) how to reduce waste and live cleaner, more energy-efficient lives. The overall goal is provide you with a content base for tips, trick, and opportunities to #livebetter.

If you're reading this, we want to thank you. Thank you for showing an interest in improving your life and the world around you. Change is enacted through a large group of individuals doing small things that, when brought together, have big impacts. Thank you for your willingness to contribute.

"Be faithful in small things for it is in them that your strength lies"
- Mother Theresa

With love,

Mark & Alex, co-founders @ Bixby

And the rest of the Bixby team <3